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Efficiently generate cryptographically strong random passwords using alpha, numeric and special symbols.


Efficiently generate cryptographically strong random passwords using alpha (including Unicode), decimal and symbol characters.

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Create a module for generating random passwords:

  iex> defmodule(DefaultPassword, do: use(RandomPassword))
  iex> DefaultPassword.generate()

By default, RandomPassword modules generate passwords comprised of 14 alpha, 2 decimal, and 1 symbol. To specify different character counts, supply any combination of alpha, decimal or symbol during module creation:

  iex> defmodule(StrongPassword, do: use(RandomPassword, alpha: 16, decimal: 4, symbol: 2))
  iex> StrongPassword.generate()

Default alpha, decimal and symbol characters are used in creating passwords, but any set of unique characters (including Unicode for alpha) can be specified:

  iex> alphas = "dđiînñgğoøsşkķyŷ"
  iex> decimals = "246789"
  iex> symbols = "@#$%&!"
  iex> defmodule(CustomCharsPassword, do: use(RandomPassword, alpha: 12, decimal: 3, symbol: 3, alphas: alphas, decimals: decimals, symbols: symbols))
  iex> CustomCharsPassword.generate()

RandomPassword uses :crypto.strong_rand_bytes/1 as the default entropy source. The rand_bytes option can be used to specify any function of the form (non_neg_integer) -> binary as the source:

  iex> defmodule(PrngPassword, do: use(RandomPassword, alpha: 14, decimal: 4, symbol: 3, rand_bytes: &:rand.bytes/1 ))
  iex> PrngPassword.generate()

Each created module includes an info/0 function to display module parameterization:

  iex> defmodule(StrongPassword, do: use(RandomPassword, alpha: 17, decimal: 3, symbol: 3))
  iex> StrongPassword.generate()
    alpha: 17,
    alphas: "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz",
    decimal: 3,
    decimals: "0123456789",
    entropy_bits: 121.3,
    length: 23,
    symbol: 3,
    symbols: "!#$%&()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_{|}~"


Add random_password to mix.exs dependencies:

  def deps,
    do: [ 
      {:random_password, "~> 1.2"}

Update dependencies

  mix deps.get



RandomPassword uses Puid to generate random strings. Puid is extremely fast, and by default using cryptographically strong random bytes for random string generation.

Three random strings are generated, one from each of alphas, decimals and symbols characters of length specified by the alpha, decimal and symbol options. These three strings are concatenated and shuffled to form the final random password.

Since RandomPassword restricts the optional characters for alphas, decimals and symbols to not overlap, the resulting entropy of the random password is the sum of the entropy for the three separate random strings. The RandomPassword module function info/0 lists the total entropy bits of the generated random passwords.